GoingEco is founded out of a desire to help reduce plastic waste. We thought we can achieve this through switching from using one-time plastic products to using multi-use, biodegradable or eco-friendly substitutes. We made the switch but we won't stop there, we want to encourage others to do the same by offering a range of products that we believe are friendlier to our environment.

We source and test the products, if they pass our eco-friendly standards then we offer them to you. Together, we can make a big difference.

Our Mission

"To Help You Help Earth"

Our beliefs

  • If everyone do their part, no matter how small, we and the generation after us can live in a cleaner and greener Planet.

  • We don't have to be big activists on our campaign for zero waste. We just need to start within ourselves, within our family and then our friends. 

  • Simply switching from one-time use plastic products to eco-friendly and multi-use substitutes makes a difference.

Our Challenge to you

To inspire and influence others to switch to an eco-friendlier lifestyle by sharing your own ways of reducing your daily waste.


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